Local SEO: Get on the Map!

Local & Map SEO boosts your website in search engines and in the maps in smart phones, tablets, and PCs.

About 30% of all web searches have local intent. Use of printed yellow pages is well below 20% of searches for local business, and declining steadily.

Most local SEO is done once and will endure for years.

Local search presence helps your website’s overall positions in the search engines’ main results (as distinct from map and smartphone searches) via the “blended” or “universal” search algorithms, which embed local businesses in the search engines results pages (SERPs).

Beware of rampant scams. Several companies, including respectable ones like Yext, are now hard-selling “automatic” submissions to tons of local directories, and typically they are way over-priced, if not outright scams.

Who Should Do It?
Every business should do Local SEO. Large businesses with many branches do it. Small businesses selling locally must do it. Small businesses selling nationally still benefit from the equivalent of free yellow page book advertising, for any business wants local as well as nation-wide business.

Why It Works
The top search engines use various ways to include local businesses without the businesses doing anything. Also, an increasing number of businesses have done some initial registration with local search resources, like Google My Business. However, a study reported in Forbes and The Financial Times showrd that 43% of businesses have errors in their registrations that cost ~10 billion in lost business. DISC’s Local & Map SEO maximizes the chances of top placement for a larger variety of relevant searches from a wider area around the business. There’s much more to it than just setting up Google My Business page or the like.

The top search engines buy access to several databases, some that existed before the web and some popular web-based ones. Complete and consistent registration among these databases increases your chances of top positions for the greatest variety of relevant search phrases. DISC’s Local & Map SEO package accomplishes this completeness.

Consider just a few of the hundreds of variations of the search, “construction firms in Greenfield MA”:

  • construction companies in the greenfield area
  • contractors in franklin county
  • Home re-modelers in western mass
  • Home remodeling businesses in bernardston
  • Greenfield area general contractors
  • Home carpenters in Greenfield
  • Such variations are endless, and the locations from which the searches are done vary widely as well.

Nobody ranks well for more than a small fraction of all such variations. And increasingly each individual sees different, somewhat personalized results in the search engines, while positions vary daily. Yet a small handful of good rankings can catapult your business.

Just as no doctor can guarantee a cure, we can’t promise more than that you’ll get efficient best practices to maximize your chances of being found. Your likelihood of great ROI is high. You can track results via the few local resource with which registration matters or by Google Analytics if you have a website. And yes, a website is not required, as a social site or Google My Business page will suffice.

The Process

  1. DISC will contact you to gather a page of information necessary for registrations.
  2. DISC will schedule a couple of hours in which, on the phone and in email immediately, you verify accounts with each local search provider.
  3. You receive a spreadsheet that lists the local search databases with which we registered your business, what descriptions and categories were used, and login information so that you can update your listings should you change hours, location, phone number, etc.
  4. If you have a website, we will instruct you on including your address in a code and visual format that search engines can identify as your business address, which reinforces your local search results.
  5. Many of these local search destinations are adding optional features that allow you to further highlight your business, get reviews, offer discounts and specials, or make other announcements. About 80% of the effectiveness of Local SEO comes merely from getting all of your listings correctly entered, but once a year or so, it’s worth a brief consultation to consider these up-sells and any new options.