Paid Search

With paid search, we use technology to reach people in the right context at the right moment.  We have precise information about consumers, which we can use to deliver relevant and effective advertising. By understanding people’s context, and delivering our message in a way that takes them to exactly what they are looking for, we create a highly personalized experience, and the easiest path to conversion.

We are data driven. We help you find your target audience out of billions of possible connections with consumers.  Utilizing powerful tools, we create detailed reports from actual visitor data to make actionable insights.  We hypothesize, test, analyze, and re-iterate to continually improve ROI.

We know the landscape.  We live in a multi-device world. People are always connected.  A user’s journey may include a combination of mobile, desktop, or tablet visits leading up to a conversion.  Understanding this journey helps us to deliver the most relevant and effective ads possible, as well as bid based on the full value of the visitor, saving money and driving more conversions.