Paid Search

DISC’s 15 Years Dedication to Paid Search Delivers Superior ROI.

  • Search: Precisely targeted ads reach customers searching for your offers, spurring visits and conversions.
  • Shopping: Proven strategies target your products to large audiences buying right now.
  • Display: Powerful tools and contextual data capture leads and customers from relevant sites across the web.
  • Remarketing: Personalized ads bring specific, high-potential segments back to your conversion funnel.
  • Landing Page Optimization: DISC’s decades of usability and CRO research and practice maximize your leads and sales.

DISC’s PPC Principles

Listen to Your Customers
Often conversions (sales or leads) follow multiple visits from multiple sources. Fidelity of message to each closer step requires acumen in analytics, experience, and good judgement. DISC locates your prospects’ steps. and we pave paths to satisfaction with tailored ads and landing pages. Smart customization gives you better leads and more sales.

Spend Wisely
Not all clicks are equal. DISC’s application of Pareto’s Principle or the “80/20 rule” focuses 80% of the budget on the 20% of clicks that matter most.

Optimize Relentlessly
A nearly infinite combination of ad tactics baffle managers who have only a few years experience. DISC’s extraordinary talent and 15 years in paid search find the few tactics that thrust ROI. Inspired, disciplined, relentless testing increases your ROI month after month.

Deliver Brief Lucid Reports
Most reports suck–your time, but little of the agency’s. Truly valuable reports harness tons of data (“Medium Data” if not Big), yet present it in clear, appealing brevity. Like elegance in math, where the shortest true equation wins, DISC’s intensive R&D with Google’s new data platforms leads to both unambiguous summaries and clear paths to optional details. DISC uses both to drive optimization.

Integrate Efficiently
Our decades of web marketing for all kinds of clients means we can integrate PPC with your other marketing.