Reputation Management Case Study: Rick De La Croix

A big part of reputation management is search marketing, simply because search engines are the predominant way people research people or companies.

Social media is crucial, but step one is ensuring the SEO health of social media properties. For example, DISC did reputation work for a CEO by strengthening SEO attributes of his several web properties. The offending article had very strong SEO and InLinks (of “PageRank”), but our properties have prevailed.

In this case, the goal was to get the client’s properties to the top of Google, Bing, and Yahoo, both in organic and with PPC. Some of the properties existed and were SEO’d, and some were created anew: – A blog/website for Pieric “Rick” De La Croix, the CEO.  – Rick De La Croix’s FaceBook page already existed, and DISC just strengthened its SEO attributes. – Mr. De La Croix’s active twitter page has risen to the top of Google. – We used both Pieric and Rick in the URL since he’s know by both names. DISC is helping to arrest the slide in this page’s ranking by guiding the client’s team in being a little more active in Linkedin. – DISC applied the few SEO tactics that can be applied to Instagram, and to our surprise this active account has risen to the top of page one in Google in searches for Rick De La Croix and Pieric De La Croix. – Rick De La Croix’s many business activities are showcased here, bringing the channel to page one of Google. – Here too we used both Pieric and Rick De La Croix in the URL.  –  SEO analysis of this pre-existing website (done poorly before DISC) revealed that it was worth preserving and strengthening.

After dealing with basic SEO in reputation management, each case is different. For example some require quickly responding to unfavorable views posted in social media.