Social Media Strategy

DISC understands. Social media is ALL the rage and you NEED to be on Facebook. And generally, we agree. It’s just that we hate to see you plunge into social media and not succeed because you didn’t have a plan.

Seriously, the PLAN is everything. Without one, you’re likely to tread water at best or drown in a PR disaster at worst. That’s why we’re not going to bog you down with technical details on how we set up an optimized Google+ for Business page or all the elements of video marketing. And we’re also not going to speculate on cost yet.

You need a strategic plan, so let’s begin with 3-5 hours together to determine where you are now, where you want to be, and what logical path is going to get you there.

Because YES, when 93% of internet users expect their favorite businesses to be on social media, you DO need to be there.

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So you HAVE a plan? Great, you’re already on your way, but maybe you need help with the technical aspects of implementation. We’re here to help you with:

  • SEO for Social Media Properties – Like websites, social properties need a solid SEO foundation to help make your posts and other content be found and drive brand awareness and new business. There’s much less SEO to do for social properties, but it’s well worth doing what is available.
  • Blog Set-up – Design integration, RSS feed setup, comment moderation, widgets, and more – all SEO Friendly.
  • Facebook Business Page Setup – From basic to a customized landing page, admin set up, and all the technical details you will need to know.
  • Video Marketing – Smart businesses know video marketing is still unsaturated, presenting ample opportunity for search engine rankings, never mind the endless opportunity for creativity that goes viral. There are so many levels of help we can offer, it’s not worth listing until we know your PLAN.

The list is endless, and if we don’t already know how to set it up, trust me, we learn fast and we KNOW people. Social Media is the most turbulent and fast-changing aspect of web marketing, so we don’t even try to know it all every minute of every day. But we do keep a finger firmly on the pulse so we’re ready for anything.