Web Development Services

Web and search marketing fit hand-in-glove with web design and programming. That is why DISC excels at all four.

To stay later focussed on search marketing and conversion rate optimization, in 2013 DISC switched to working with a few first-rate partners in web design and development. Our many years experience building sites enables us to serve as crucial project managers, ensuring ideal SEO throughout the (re)design and build process. The text below explains our long-standing approach to web development, which we ensure when working with our partner firms. 

DISC earns loyalty and never forces it via proprietary systems. DISC uses standard and current code to build robust ecommerce websites, small “brochureware” websites, and everything in between. We’re masters of CMS-SEO, and we love “responsive code” that automatically scales your site to tablets and smartphones.

After your site is built, we set you up to manage it and preserve SEO. We provide procedure documents for preserving and extending SEO. We offer ongoing management if you have better things to do.

DISC’s Four Web Development Services

  1. CMS-SEO, for SEO’d Ecommerce and Content Management Systems. Imagine a robust, top-flight ecommerce platform and CMS (content management system) that has all SEO rules built in, so that every current and future page “writes” as much SEO as can be automated. Enjoy imagining that, because none actually exists, despite claims to the contrary. Of course some CMSs are better at SEO than others, but none do it all . . . until now. DISC can either reprogram your system or build upon the best open-source systems to give you ideal SEO code, layout, database structure, file and folder names, URL structure, HTML titles, meta-tags, title tags, SEO’d footer taglines, SEO’d navigation menus and sitemaps, text layout and code, and much more. Your website will:
    • be naturally open to search engine penetration, Google’s PageRank circulation, top ranking, and subsequent new business from the search engines;
    • avoid the SEO blockages in JavaScript, DHTML, Flash, Ajax, breadcrumb trails, and sorting/searching systems;
    • pull keywords and phrases from your product or information database into all web page parts relevant to SEO, except for the body copy.

    You end up with an intelligent SEO machine that performs day and night. True, the resulting SEO is not as good as careful manual work–which should be done in addition on key pages–but the ROI escalates over months and years because your SEO costs in this area drop to zero. POPP! — Program Once, Profit in Perpetuity.

  2. Web Site Design. With well over a decade of experience in conversion rate optimization (CRO) and ROI analytics, DISC has mastered the design rules that will convince your website viewers. We use CRO and SEO precepts to structure every facet of your site’s design.
  3. HTML Coding. DISC codes sites designed by DISC or by your team. We clean your code to reduce download time and simplify your future site edits. We use responsive code for automatic scaling to tablets and smartphones. We obey all SEO rules in every line of code.
  4. Advanced Web Programming. DISC has connections with top US programmers for advanced back-end programming. We ensure that it is SEO-friendly.

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