Years ago, being a Google Certified Partner indicated a firm worthy of your consideration, but now it does not. Now there are no enforced quality of service requirements, so that a Google Partner can have a history of egregious deviations from the Partner terms of service yet still have the partnership badge.

Years ago, the annual qualifying exam was brutal and you could not cheat; now virtually anyone can pass by copying and pasting from web pages with the answers. Years ago, though a dedicated scammer could find ways to get the badge, for the most part you could believe the firm–though perhaps not a given employee in the firm–was good; now you have zero assurance.

In 2016 DISC witnessed a case were a Premier Google Adwords Partner outrageously abused the client and broke core partner rules of conduct. See our blog post, How to Avoid PPC Rip-Offs, for details. This year (2018), we witnessed another such case. By late July 2018, we will add to the bottom of this page links to articles by some of the world’s top publishers in PPC echoing such cases and our dim view of the Google Partner badge.

DISC has not lost a PPC client since 2008, unless the business stopped advertising there or anywhere for reasons unconnected with performance. Our head PPC guy, Dale Webb, has 17 years continuous PPC experience, exceptional talent, many grateful client references, and a long history of solid proof of performance that we can email to you. Yet on 6/29/18, DISC was notified that we no longer qualify for Partner status. Looks like the reason was we failed to make our clients keep spending more and more, whereas the art and science of PPC management aims to spend ever less per conversion, and that’s what we’ve done and will continue to do. We may investigate this further–and we will email this page to our Google rep–but given how worthless the badge is now, we probably won’t bother with it much if at all.