I believe Google has mostly followed its founders edict “Do No Evil,” but now PPC Pros lament that its Ads division commits one evil now while planning a bigger one.

For years and increasingly Google has been contacting agencies’ clients directly to pitch new ad spending without knowing the client’s unique marketing strategies, constraints and goals.

  • Sometimes these contacts come from non-Google third parties, who may even claim to be Google.
  • Tuning PPC to your precise needs takes talent, years of training and experience, and deep familiarity with your business.
  • Google’s sales reps with basic training are wholly unqualified, never mind utterly biased by commissions on your increased spend.

The evil we hope will be averted by the rising chorus of dismay among PPC professionals entails requiring use of at least 70% of Google’s automated recommendations. Often these push new and beta tools that will greatly damage client ROI, especially before many users’ data improve the AI within the tool.

  • The pandemic delayed this announced change until early 2021.
  • These recommendations can include simply having you spend more on Ads!
  • If your agency follows Google’s new required “suggestions.” you will lose money.
  • If Google enacts these new Ads policies, DISC, like many good agencies, would abandon the Ads Partner Program, and instead subscribe to Client.partners, which commits agencies to not “put Ad Platform profit over client performance.”
    • The Google Partners Badge would become a scarlet letter signaling that the agency serves Google and its badge at the expense of client partners.
  • This topic has been covered in many podcasts and articles, like this episode of Edge of the Web with Greg Finn.

I suspect that Google’s scheme here is to develop, over years, PPC AI (artificial intelligence) to replace agencies. If that actually works, great, then agencies could focus on conversion rate optimization (CRO), which is an increasingly large part of good PPC optimization now. But would soup-to-nuts PPC AI ever work fairly? How will Google bid your PPC against your competitors? Will Google maximize return on ad spend (ROAS) only for the biggest spender? How will the AI respond to its own competitive tactics used for your competition moments ago? In any case, AI is years away from handling exactly what, when, and how to advertise to whom for a given business.