How to Avoid PPC Rip-Offs

Recently I’ve had a front row seat to a seemingly good PPC firm ripping off a client. It is a vivid case within the all too prevalent trend of bad PPC firms that hurt the reputation of the whole search marketing industry and drain cash and opportunity from clients. In Read more…

Tips for Determining your Ideal PPC Budget Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of “Tips for Determining your Ideal PPC Budget”. Last week, in Part 1, we started talking about a strategy for determining your ideal budget for PPC (for those who haven’t been lucky enough to have such a budget imposed upon them from above). This strategy helps Read more…

By Dale

Top 3 Things to Look for when Hiring a PPC Agency

This is a topic that’s been covered in many other blogs over the years, but I thought I’d add my own perspective, especially since it has somewhat changed over the years as PPC Marketing, particularly Google Adwords, has developed. The initial approach a potential PPC firm should take to managing Read more…

By Dale

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