Your SEO Project is Done. Now What?

In the early 2000s I raised hackles among my peers at a major conference when I asserted that pushing monthly retainers for SEO was unnecessary and thus ethically suspect. Back then, SEO was much more a one-time job than it is now. These days SEO, like most marketing, requires at Read more…

We’re All in SEO Hell for 10 More Years

Ten years from now, old-timer SEO pros will look back to the 2000 to 2020 years–the late infancy of the web–with relief that the labyrinthine complexity of technical SEO is a thing of the past. We will focus more on using persuasive words and designs that pertain to searchers’ wishes. Read more…

Should SEO Firms White-Lie to Clients?

In explaining and proposing services, most SEO firms lie by omission—and they probably should. My firm’s neuro-marketing wizard, Jennifer Williams, has admonished me for including in proposals too many options worth considering in the near future. Long before that advice, I learned the hard way to include in the core Read more…

Stop Paying for Keyword Research

Good keyword research produces the linguistic DNA by which your business is found, and it should be used in everything from product databases through URLs to social media posts. So why do I tell you to stop paying for it? Because almost everyone selling keyword research uses tools that provide Read more…

PageRank and the Pitfalls of DIY SEO Research

In my college Internet Marketing class, I teach students to understand the huge forces of bias in articles about web marketing. Public relations campaigns, the need to scream controversial headlines (like the dunderheaded “SEO is Dead”) to get social buzz, poor pay for journalists, fear or complexity, and just plain Read more…

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