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lighthouseDISC Inc. is an elite team shining in all facets of search marketing and conversion rate optimization. We offer predictions of your ROI before a full engagement. If you’re looking for a stable and seasoned firm you can trust, Contact Us Today.

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“Yesterday I was with our client who told me – AGAIN – that they are increasingly getting leads from all kinds of companies who previously knew nothing about them. One came in while I was there. We can only attribute this to improved SEO. Bravo, Rob. You are living up to your rep as the SEO specialist’s specialist. It is an honor to work with you.”

Mitch Anthony, Brand Strategist, Managing Partner

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You work directly with a Managing Partner with over 16 years experience.
You get the peace of mind that comes from choosing a firm
with a long history of documented results.

Experience, Knowledge, and Longevity

Our long experience means we know what you should do first to achieve rapid results. And we know what and how much to do after that.


We rarely make mistakes, but if we do, we admit it–even if you haven’t discovered it–and we compensate you.

Best Practices

Too many web marketing firms sell packages that are semi-automated and easy for new employees to pump out. Instead, DISC’s seasoned pros work only on what you need.

Simplified, Not Simplistic

Processes in search marketing and conversion rate optimization are far from simple, but our mastery means clarity in your deliverables and certainty in your results.


We give you what you most need and none of what you don’t.

Fair Pricing

Expensive isn’t always better, but cheap usually hurts. You get excellence at fair prices–and value that can’t be beat.