We have approval from some clients to share reports with non-competing organizations. Other clients will share upon request, so don’t hesitate to ask.

True, “Past performance is no guarantee of future results” – which is why DISC begins with your ROI predictions before doing more.

Below are a few client stories.

Case History for The American Macular Degeneration Foundation

Job Type: SEO

In January of 2014, this 25+ year non-profit chose DISC to help with SEO and conversion rate optimization (CRO). We found that a recent redesign cost them 80% or their organic traffic, and DISC’s work restored all of it within a few months. See January to April 2014 below. Since that restoration, DISC’s SEO raised their website to #1 in Google for highly competitive phrases, like “macular degeneration.” See the incognito results from September 2016 below. The dip in June 2015 was due to a huge redesign not done by DISC; such temporary declines are avoidable in part due to Google’s new ways of handling 301 redirects. DISC’s SEO work endured for years with no further investment, though just in Q1 2019 big Google changes caused small decline, for which we have plenty of dry powder to reverse.

Macular.org Organic Traffic 2014 to September 2016

Click here to see September 2016 Google results for the highly competitive phrase “macular degeneration”. Or search that phrase in Google now.

Case History of Jerry’s Artarama

Job Type: SEO, PPC

Jerry’s was a client from 2003 to mid 2009, when Jerry’s hired a full time search marketing staff–which DISC long recommended they do. Our last year-end report was in early 2008, and we can show you plenty of subsequent and earlier PPC reports upon your request.

2007 website sales rose 30%, and that’s on top of DISC’s four years of excellent results. Each year saw dramatic improvements. For example, in our first 2003-4 year, ROI (all search marketing costs subtracted from gross profit) = $1,331,000.

2007 PPC, comparison shopping engines, and trusted feeds earn about $1,191,000 in gross profit

Click costs plus DISC’s labor were $155,000, with PPC sales at $1,169,000, for a gross profit of about $570,000.

Trusted feed and comparison shopping engine sales increased every month in 2007 over 2006, for a total increase of about $350,000 over DISC’s superb work the previous year. These 2007 sales were $1,513,000, with total costs at $135,000, for a gross profit of about $621,000.

2003-2004 SEO

Before DISC’s SEO in Nov. 2003:After DISC’s first round of SEO, reported 4/04:
First Place Rankings = 24
top 5 = 78
top 10 = 92
top 20 = 125
top 30 = 153
First Place Rankings = 162
top 5 = 453
top 10 = 642
top 20 = 860
top 30 = 1000

See also: DISC’s Case Study of Jerry’s Artarama featured in the The Complete Guide to Google Advertising.

Case History of Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce

Job Type: SEO, CMS-SEO

The stats below show SEO ROI for a client that came to us with tons of traffic, a 12 year history, PageRank of 6, and thousands of incoming links, many of them very strong. Our SEO went live on 4/25/10, with additions afterwards.

Year Over Year Organic Traffic

In the year-over-year analysis, 2010 surpassed 2009 numbers starting after new SEO and other work went live in May.

20092010% Change
Avg. increase since DISC work29%

2009 vs. 2010 Organic Traffic

SEO ROI Based on Average PPC Click Cost of $0.75

This chart shows ROI for the first 2 years based on average PPC costs. ROI for the first year is over $61,000.

(click to view)

Proof of SEO Success for Two Decades

GBI Marketing
(websites long ago bought by Yankee Candle, Inc.)

In July 1999, GBI Marketing, a fundraising marketing firm serving major manufacturers, approached DISC with a web site with mediocre design and very little search engine position. DISC redesigned the site and did complete SEO on 10 pages, for about $17,000 (back then there was much less SEO one could do, hence the low cost). Within one year, the enormous increases in site traffic and customers required GBI to buy a new warehouse. 70% of new business came from DISC’s SEO. Especially noteworthy is that no tweaking of the original SEO was done after 1999 until Yankee Candle bought GBI in the mid-2000s and absorbed the websites, yet the SEO results held all ground over that time.

The Vermont Chamber of Commerce

In September of 2004, DISC’s SEO quadrupled search engine referrals. Please ask us for reports and references.