DISC’s Principles


You own all our work via Google Drive. Clear progress reports show Key Results on your Objectives, with hard clear ROI numbers and no spin.


DISC integrates SEO, CRO, PPC, and analytics, while efficiently coordinating with your teams, to amplify results without draining your time.


Powered by data and Google’s data-rendering, reports guide optimization to meet or exceed your objectives and to honor our promises.


Boosted by AI/LLMs, our “Constant Improvement” rule balances innovation and efficiency. “ROI Integrations” cuts wasted work and words.


Nearly three Decades of diverse clients and experience, and dedication to the famous OKR system, drives clear, numerical proof of high ROI.


Seeking your needs and wants, we listen. While some parts of web marketing should follow standards, DISC integrates your unique situation.

What our clients say

Mitch Anthony

Mitch Anthony

Managing Partner

“Yesterday I was with our client who told me – AGAIN – that they are increasingly getting leads from all kinds of companies who previously knew nothing about them. One came in while I was there. We can only attribute this to improved SEO. Bravo, Rob. You are living up to your rep as the SEO specialist’s specialist. It is an honor to work with you.”

Andy Gianino

Andy Gianino


"We’re getting a phenomenal number of leads. The fact that it’s happening during the pandemic is amazing. My salespeople are struggling to keep up. Thanks to all of you."

Angela Hsu

Angela Hsu

Director of Internet Marketing & Business Development

"It was a rich, collaborative relationship that helped the LampsPlus.com web site to achieve even more than it already had. I should point out that in addition to SEO consulting, DISC provided superb usability feedback during our site redesign process. DISC’s rare combination of SEO and usability knowledge helped LampsPlus.com to maximize ROI."

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