DISC began search marketing before Google existed because we are constant, disciplined innovators. We see key trends in complex details. We live DISC’s core brand value, “Innovation Efficiently Integrated Is Integrity Proven by Results.” That’s Integrity.

Meet the Management

We bring an ideal blend of specialties and talents.

How DISC Works with You

Integration guides efficiency in our transparent plans and communication, so your team gets maximum results with minimum burden.

Speaking and Seminars

Teaching fosters excellence in teachers and students. See our CEO’s past presentations.

Press & Media

Articles on and by DISC published on the front pages of the business sections of large, established newspapers and in flagship search marketing magazines help assure you that DISC offers “Wisdom in Web Marketing”.


DISC’s blog cuts through fads and platitudes so marketing managers learn not just what to think but how to think about web marketing that actually succeeds. Shunning the frenzied output of “content marketing,” the blog offers rare, enduring jewels.

Why the name “DISC”?

In 1995 DISC began as “DISC: Document Imaging & Scanning Company” because that’s what we did until about 2001. We dove fully into search marketing in 1997.

OCR scanning wasn’t a thrill, though we did a few intriguing jobs. One was for the legal defense team of a super-rich, world-famous family, involving alleged murder, affairs, a suspect gardener, a salacious dentist–truth is stranger than fiction!

When DISC incorporated in 2007, but the original name and our slogan “Making Websites Make Money” are still registered with the State of Massachusetts.