DISC’s Key People

DISC is a small, elite team with an ideal blend of specialties and talents. We’re the web marketing commandos you always wanted on your side. You know, like in post-apocalyptic movies where a group survives because of a balance of muscle, brains, deep reconnaissance, and special talents (OK, and good looks too).

Rob New Office 2013-cropped

Rob Laporte, President & CEO
BA, MA, ABD, UMass Amherst
With DISC since 1995 (Founder)

Rob is our fearless yet conservative leader with over twenty years in marketing (traditional and web), seven years as an academic researcher and teacher of Renaissance literature at UMass, and thirty years of martial arts. He can recite poetry while knocking out your competition. His analytic mind and seasoned business judgment check the impulsive swan-dive into the shallow pools of web marketing fads. Read a good sample of Rob’s print publications. Rob also teaches a 3 credit college class in Internet marketing, which includes having students work for free on projects for clients, to benefit both students’ education and clients. Specialties include: CMS/database SEO, SEO Troubleshooting, comprehensive web marketing plans, ROI projections, and speaking.


Dale Webb, Full Partner
BA UMass Amherst, Certificate in Web Technology from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (www.wpi.edu), Google Adwords Certified Professional
With DISC since 2001

Dale is a PPC ninja (Google Certified). He beats the flab out of PPC campaigns. He’s sharp, quiet, and has lethal weapons. But relax, he’s also a camera-toting, Prius-driving, art-making, green-conscious, metaphysical citizen of the world. Specialties include: PPC, analytics customization, Google Optimizer and A/B & multivariate testing, conversion lift, PHP, web programming, Flash and web design/management.

Guy Luu

Guy Luu, Marketing Director
Accomplished Entrepreneur in Launching Three of his own Businesses.With DISC since April 2014. Guy is both business savvy and innovative in web marketing. Having three grassroots community-based businesses under his belt, he is used to taking on many roles. He is log-experienced in brand development, brand identity, social media presence, and design. Having accelerated DISC’s marketing performance, he works with Rob, Dale, and Jennifer on client’s social and local marketing.


Jennifer Williams, Social-Conversion Specialist
BS Smith College
With DISC since 2006

We don’t know how she does it, but Jennifer has an uncanny knack for getting into people’s heads, particularly your customers’. It could be that she studied cognitive psychology and neuroscience at Smith College, but we think it’s voodoo. She excels at rigorous analytics as well as creative tasks like design, copywriting, and social media strategies. She engages in serious play in social media via her affiliated Verilliance.com blog, and http://twitter.com/Verilliance. Read a few of Jennifer’s publications. Specialties include: social media, SEO, copywriting, ROI reporting, design informed by neuro-marketing, and conversion lift.


Mark Baven, SEO & Usability Specialist
BA Amherst College
With DISC since 1998

Published business author and music aficionado, Mark is a consummate wordsmith. He cheers the office with his rapier wit, and keeps us dreadfully informed of global politics. Darn good, the huge Cognizant corporation bought a lot of his writing time, but Mark is always eager to apply his talents for DISC’s clients. Specialties include: SEO, copywriting, usability critiques, and conversion lift.


Josh Silver, Network Administrator and Web Programmer
With DISC since 1998

Josh is the web specialist for the library at UMass Amherst. His combination of university education and professional experience contributes to DISC’s cutting edge knowledge of web technology. He works for DISC part-time, as network administrator and web programmer.


Heidi McGuire, Bookkeeper and COO
With DISC since 2001

Heidi deals with all accounting, resources allocation, and operational efficiency. At any time, a client can request a record of our hours spent. She has a BA in accounting, an Associates in business, and has been a practicing accountant since 1997. She embodies one simple golden rule of successful business: keep accurate records!