Excellence speaks through clients.

“Before DISC, we tried a couple of SEM firms, and were unsatisfied. Since late 2003, DISC has been managing our SEM, including SEO, PPC, trusted feeds, shopping comparison sites, and, now (early ‘06), internet yellow pages and usability enhancements as well. They have consistently earned us enormous return on investment. Their disciplined research and diverse SEM expertise enables us to outsource to one firm all of our SEM needs. We highly recommend DISC.”

~Ira Goldstein, President, 2009

Jerry’s Artarama


“DISC’s SEO redesign and recoding produced such excellent results that we decided not to complete the per-page portion of the SEO (managing several translations would have been a lot of work, and the results were excellent already). We learned a valuable lesson: that a highly skilled SEO firm like DISC can make a few crucial design and code suggestions, and (in our case) exemplify them with templates, that will make a major difference in all of your sites’ positions in the “organic” parts of the search engines. This earns a large return on the investment. I highly recommend DISC.”

~Isabelle Chevret, Marketing and Communication Director

Mega, Inc., Paris, France


“DISC’s SEO work and training in 2003 produced excellent and enduring results. Their recent work in more advanced SEO training and their usability report for conversion rate optimization were first-rate, helping us to get maximum returns on our web site and web marketing. I highly recommend them.”

~Edward Piegza, President

Classic Journeys, La Jolla, CA


“I have been very pleased with the services we’ve received from DISC. The work they did on our web site improved our position in the search engines substantially. We get quite a bit of traffic, and 3 times as many inquiries from the site as we did before DISC served us. This has made a difference to our business. I would recommend DISC to anyone.”

~Shane Hammond, President

GBI Marketing, South Deerfield, MA

www.gbimarketing.com & www.yankeefundraising.com

“In the first quarter of 2004, DISC produced a comprehensive web marketing report and plan, followed by SEO recoding, SEO copywriting, and consultation on ROI measurement. The results were superb, and they endure to this day. Truly expert SEM such as DISC provides earns good ROI. I highly recommend DISC.”

~Gary Harpole, President

Harpole’s Heartland Lodge, Inc, Nebo, IL


“DISC did a beautiful job of redesigning and rebuilding my firm’s web site, while preserving and enhancing SEO. It’s great to work with a firm that understands all that is needed to make web sites make money: design, usability, code, and search marketing. I enthusiastically recommend them.”

~Bruce Withrow, President

Meeting Facilitators International, Toronto, Canada


“DISC’s SEO technical report and troubleshooting, and their advanced SEO training, brought us rapid and excellent results. They share their vast knowledge openly, enabling our web team to manage SEO in-house. I recommend them highly.”

~Michael Sissman, President

East Side Art & Antiques, Northampton, MA


“DISC worked with our modest budget to produce a web marketing plan, SEO technical report, and SEO, so that we achieved much more search engine traffic without having to pay what other premier SEM firms charge. I highly recommend DISC.”

~Amy Jordan, Owner

Stone Hill Inn, Stowe, VT


“We chose DISC because they appeared to have exceptionally deep and broad expertise in SEO, including complicated coding and database technicalities. It was a rich, collaborative relationship that helped the LampsPlus.com web site to achieve even more than it already had. I should point out that in addition to SEO consulting, DISC provided superb usability feedback during our site redesign process. DISC’s rare combination of SEO and usability knowledge helped LampsPlus.com to maximize ROI.”

~Angela Hsu, Director of Internet Marketing & Business Development

Lamps Plus, Inc., Chatsworth, CA


“DISC has proven to me that they have mastered all aspects of SEM: SEO, PPC, Local PPC, IYP, and analytics. Their deep knowledge of site design and code helps too. I recommend DISC highly.”

~Andy Gianino, President

The Home Store, Inc., Whately, MA


“In September of 2004, DISC completed SEO and a seeing-impaired mini-site, so that our difficult-to-spider, dynamic site quadrupled search engine referrals than before. As a bonus, we now serve the seeing-impaired community. I highly recommend DISC.”

~Vicky Tebbets, Director of Communications

The Vermont Chamber of Commerce, Montpelier, VT


“I just got off the phone with a woman who visited our site today. She is knowledgeable in web site design having worked at Mass Mutual in this capacity. Bottom line she had nothing but praise for our site. She loved all aspects of the site: usability, the look, the information, you name it she praised it. She visited several sites today and liked ours the best by far and as a result we are the only builder she called. Of course the Hamden design happens to be just what she wants as well. At this point in time I think there is a very good chance she builds the Hamden this year.We also are getting email request for information so the site is definitely working for us all ready. Well done!”

~Wayne English, Owner

English Building Systems, Huntington, MA


“What a lovely, informative and truly inviting website Jewell! Great! I am intrigued with the story of how it became, and want to know more.”

~Joanne, a respondent to our client’s web site

Jewell The Source, Shutesbury, MA


“DISC provided top-flight web design and build services on a budget affordable to a small business. I recommend them highly.”

~Alex Fischer, Owner

AFischer Photography, Pelham, MA


“Our already excellent and well-positioned web site needed further optimization, and after reviewing several top-tier firms, I chose DISC. They provided an SEO technical report (problems and opportunities), SEO copywriting advice, analysis of our linking situation and related Google PageRank, CMS (content management system) and Database SEO consulting, site usability advice, and analysis of our ROI reports. It was like getting a second opinion from a renown medical specialist. I got a clear roadmap to success. I highly recommend DISC.”

~Scott Robinson, President

LendingLeaders, LLC., Rolling Hills Estates, CA