Conversion Optimization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO), also known as conversion optimization and akin to usability engineering, is the most immediately controllable facet of your web marketing and usually the most cost-effective.

This page begins with an overview, and below that is a summary of what DISC does and how much it costs.

CROYou implement all established usability rules for web sites (established by the self-levitating gurus of the field, whom DISC has read with reverence and rapture); you do some testing with Google’s brilliant free Content Experiments tool; you get a huge boost in conversion rates; and then you enjoy a month of dissolute, equatorial abandon, squandering only half your new profits or bonus.

According to the usability high priest, Jacob Nielsen, “the conversion rate can be increased by 10% through even the smallest web site usability project, if the site has never been subjected to systematic usability evaluation.” Nielsen proclaims that it is a “logical conjecture that if a site is 10% easier to use than a contending site that has the same search engine prominence, the more usable site will win much more than 10% of the time.” Usability re-engineering often doubles conversion rates, which means double revenue. Do you see the light?

In addition to nearly two decades of experience bringing fine wrinkles of wisdom to our faces, we have read most of the canonical, nay biblical, usability books, published studies, and websites. Like Augustinian monks, we have compiled all of the dos and don’ts into holy doctrine, so that we can judge every aspect of your web site, purge its sins, and push it on through the pearly gates of profit.

Deciding to do it is a no-brainer. Doing it takes brains, ours I’m hoping you’ll decide. What, exactly will our brains do for you? To answer that, we’ll have to get to some serious words by which you may convert your emperors of finance into high-toned singers in your marketing choir.

There are two phases to conversion optimization

  1. The usability critique. This entails examining every aspect of your website – writing, visual design, navigation, the check-out process, interactive modules, company information, people and product photos, everything – in regard to established usability rules. Beyond knowledge of the rules, one needs wisdom, which comes from years of experience and the graces of talent. Our key people have been with DISC for an average of 15 years each, ranging from 9 to 19 years. $1250 to $5900, depending on the size and complexity of your site.
  2. Testing of pages and multiple page elements using Google’s free Content Experiments. This tool is incredibly powerful. Tests often reveal that seemingly minor changes produce large increases in conversions. There are even more powerful paid optimizer tools, but those are best used after the usability critique and Google’s tool, and then only if your sales volume justifies the expense of smaller incremental improvements in conversions. The 80-20 rule applies here: 80% of benefits come from the first 20% of possible investment, and the final 20% of perfection often requires the remaining 80% of investment. DISC’s partner in the firm Dale Webb has been optimizing landing pages throughout his 13 years of PPC experience, and he works with inspiration and discipline.
    Begins at $2000.

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