Conversion Optimization

Integrating data and psychology, DISC disintegrates conversion barriers.

Don’t Guess, Know
Of the many decisions that went into creating your website–its navigation, colors, calls to action, writing, images, all of it–how much was based on actual data? Don’t guess, know. Using the best tools to pull knowledge from data, DISC finds changes that will maximize your profit.

Do I have to Test Everything?”
Sometimes a Usability Critique that implements best practices will bring great gains. Sometimes testing inspired ideas is decorating a dump–the site needs a bulldozer, not a beautician. But yeah, usually to win is to test. Not everything, just the most important things, and that’s where DISC’s years of research and practice will optimize your testing before it begins.

Give Us An Inch
And we’ll give you a mile. We ask you to give us one shot testing a change. You’ll see the results, and so will your accountant. Having delivered, your team’s skepticism and reticence relax, and together we begin the constant ascent guided by CRO testing.

Data Works
Clear goals and measurement eliminate exhausting debate. Using solid data, DISC makes your website a smart machine that rapidly evolves to better serve your prospects, customers, and bottom line.

Types of Conversion Testing

  1. A/B Testing
    Test one or more changes on a key page, such as a headline or call to action, and implement the winners.
  2. Multivariate Testing
    Test alternate versions of multiple elements on a page to see which combination converts best.
  3. Redirect Testing
    Test two completely different versions of a page to see how visitors respond to a full redesign.

Our Steps to Your Goals

  1. Usability Critique: Expert examination of your site’s user experience delivers a prioritized list of conversion enhancements.
  2. Testing: Some changes are so clearly improvements that they don’t need testing, but most will be proven by testing.
  3. Integrated ROI Review: Great, you’ve boosted conversion rates, but what is your actual new profit relative to all other marketing? “Making Websites Make Money” requires holistic allocation. Probably more CRO will remain top priority, but Medium Data Analytics may pivot resources to more PPC or more live sales people’s time. Don’t guess, Know.