Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

DISC will help build enduring SEO into the very DNA of your website, your business, and your people.

SEO is more asset than ad spend. Like a new factory, SEO delivers value way beyond year one. After the initial purchase, costs decline substantially relative to results.

Below we discuss the big picture briefly. To see our mains steps, see our SEO Procedures page.

SEO is very complex. Articles saying otherwise are link bait or snake oil. Websites are complex; Google is the most complex entity humankind has made; and syncing the two takes dedicated talent. Learning it well requires as much training and experience as lawyers need, and excellence comes from years and decades of practice and research. DISC’s founder and CEO, Rob Laporte, has been at it for over two decades. He can send you volumes of clear client results.

Yet your team can learn and do parts of SEO, and DISC will help you build SEO capital in-house.

Most business have gotten poor SEO work because unlike law or medicine, there’s no equivalent of the ABA or AMA. Anyone can profess expertise. Too many SEO article writers know they can satisfy readers’ deep wish that vital solutions are not very demanding. SEO is still the wild west, and you need trustworthy sharpshooters.

DISC will prioritize all aspects of your SEO needs. SEO must inform every part of your website: server setup, CMS selection and configuration, writing, and the dozens of crucial parts within each of those areas. SEO has long been much more technical than a product of “content marketing” and keywording, important though writing still is. SEO can be built once and succeed for years (IF nobody screws it up, as often happens). Yet steady monitoring will prevent declines and seize opportunities.

Remember comparative ROI. SEO is almost always worth doing, but how far down the priority list you go depends on the ROI of other marketing channels and your budget. In your case, maybe usability enhancements, PPC, or CRO testing is more cost-effective than priority 3 SEO. “Wisdom in Web Marketing” means humility and data-responsive flexibility in prioritizing.